A Boardroom Presentation is an oral presentation given to the board of directors of a company or non-profit organization.

The Boardroom Presentation is characterized by a special presentation style, which is subject to the specific customs of business life and at the same time takes into account the characteristics of the circle of addressees. Typically, a company’s board of directors is made up of a small circle of highly competent individuals who are extremely busy and whose meetings are therefore subject to a tight schedule. Accordingly, boardroom presentations deliver the content in a highly condensed form and strive for efficient communication. Modern presentation techniques are used. Since professional expertise and technical excellence can be expected from the audience, Boardroom Presentations make extensive use of economic terminology and industry-specific prior knowledge.

The Boardroom Presentation is named after the English term “Board of Directors”, which refers to an executive body of certain legal entities, in particular stock corporations, in the Anglo-American legal area. In a broader sense, the term “Boardroom Presentation” refers to presentations made to management bodies of all kinds, such as the executive board, the management board, the board of directors or the supervisory board.

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