Creative will”, sometimes also refered to as “creative drive”, is the inner willingness and intention to exert a formative influence through proactive behavior and to thereby realize one’s own ideas.

The “creative will” is a inner state of a person. It is assumed that four conditions must be fulfilled in order for “creative will” to unfold. Firstly, the intellectual analysis of a fact, event, object or system and its formation or change. Secondly, an own unique concept is required with regard to the desired outcome. Thirdly, an inner willingness and intention is required to develop proactive action to implement this concept. Fourthly, the impetus to exert a formative impact is necessary, i.e. that the influence exerted is directed towards shaping the facts, the event, the object or the system according to one’s own ideas.

Creative will” is widely regarded as a personal prerequisite for assuming management functions and leadership positions in business and politics.

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