A “cyberentitarian system” or “Cyber-Entispheral System” is a delimitable set of elements of both the entisphere and the digital infosphere that form a transspheral functional unit by being connected to each other in such a way as to allow a function, meaning or purpose to be fulfilled in both spheres.

A “cyberentitarian System” or “Cyber-Entispheral System” is an “interspheral system”, i.e. a system whose transspheral configuration has a ” Cyber Entitarian” structure.

The terms “cyberentitarian System” or “Cyber-Entispheral System” are neologisms that were coined as part of the terminology of the “Digital Era Framework”.

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The definition given above was proposed as part of the Digital Era Framework by Dr. Dr. Jörn Lengsfeld. The text was first published in: Jörn Lengsfeld: Digital Era Framework. Please refer to the original publication if you want to cite the text.