The word “Digital Consultant” is currently used as a professional designation or job title for a wide range of people who give advice on various issues related to digital information and communication technologies.

According to the group of addressees, “digital consultants” can usually be ascribed to the group of management consultants or political consultants. The “digital consultants” belonging to the category of management consultants can be further distinguished by sector or industry.
In order to classify “digital consultants” according to the subject matter of their work, you can refer to the fields of classical management consulting: From strategy consulting to consulting in the areas of marketing, public relations, market analysis, analytics, controlling, personnel, organization, production to consulting in the areas of technology, information technology and software development.

A classification according to the subject of the consultation can also be made refering to digital technologies. A first field of activity of the “Digital Consultants” is consulting on questions of digitalization, digital change, digital disruption and digital transformation. The focus is on the analysis and design of all changes resulting from the dissemination of digital information and communication technologies for economic, social, technical and political systems. These “digital consultants” are sometimes also referred to as “digitization consultants” or “digital transformation consultants” or “management consultants for digitization”.

The second field of activity of “Digital Consultants” is to be distinguished from this area, which does not refer to change but to the already existing. The subject of consulting is acting in the context of existing digital technologies and established systems.

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