Digital Consulting” is the explanation of facts based on knowledge and analysis, including the evaluative presentation of alternative courses of action and the resulting recommendations with regard to questions related to digital information and communication technology.

Given the wide range of subjects covered by the term, it is appropriate to make a terminological distinction. The subject of the consultation as well as the addressees of the offered consulting service can be the subject of order.

According to the target group, “digital consulting” can usually be classified as management consulting or political consulting. A further distinction can be made according to sectors or industries.

Digital consulting can be subdivided according to the fields of classical management consulting: From strategy consulting to consulting in the areas of marketing, public relations, market analysis, analytics, controlling, personnel, organization, production to consulting in the areas of technology, information technology and software development.

A classification according to the subject of the consultation can also be based in relation to the digital technologies. One branch of “Digital Consulting” covers the topics of digital change, digitalization, digital disruption and digital transformation. The subject is the analysis and design of all changes resulting from the dissemination of digital technologies for economic, social, technical and political systems. “Digital consulting” with this focus is sometimes also called “digitization consulting” or “digital transformation consulting”.

A further branch of digital consultation is not directed to the change but to the existing. The subject of consulting is action in the context of existing digital technologies and established systems.

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