A “digital innopreneur” is an “innopreneur” whose entrepreneurial activity is based on the use of digital technologies.

The term “Digital Innopreneur” refers to a natural person who engages in entrepreneurial activity that is directed towards the conversion of new technical, organizational or scientific knowledge wich is based on digital technologies into marketable products and services and toward their successful positioning as commercial novelties in the market.

Digital change is characterised by the rapid spread of innovations based on digital technologies. The specific characteristics of digital technologies enable innovators to turn their innovations into new products and services easily and to market these products and services themselves. Due to this specific nature of the digital change, “digital innopreneurs” have become extremely important for this specific transformation process.

Implementing their innovations, “digital innopreneurs” often succeeds in changing the structure and functional logic of existing systems or in establishing new ones. The hallmark of digital innopreneurs is that they regard the disruptive potential of digitalization as a chance, a digital opportunity, and make advantage of this, thus shaping the further course of digital progress. Conceptual approaches and models such as the “Digital Era Framework” can sharpen the understanding of the strategic opportunities that digital innopreneurs possess.

The personal attitude on which such action is based is captured by the expression “digital innopreneurial spirit”. The teaching and practice of such entrepreneurial activity is described by the term “digital innopreneurship”.

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