The term “digital life” stands for a way of life in which digital technologies are an indispensable part of life.

In its contrasting use, the term “digital life” is used to distinguish between the parts of human life that take place in “cyberspace”, or which are closely related to digital technologies, and the other areas of life that take place in “real life” and independently of the use of digital technologies.

The term “digital life” is also used to denote the totality of aspects of human existence that are related to digital technologies.

In its comprehensive meaning, the term “digital life” stands for a way of life in which digital technologies are an integral part of all aspects of human life. The term is based on the expectation that the current digital transformation will lead to the digital infosphere being connected to the entisphere, the analog infosphere and even the cognisphere via an increasing number of interfaces. In extreme cases, in such a digital world all areas of life would be permeated by digital technologies, which can be assumed to have a formative influence on the shaping of the human way of life. The possibility of such a formative effect is conceptually reflected in the fact that in the expressiondigital life” the “digital” is elevated to the prominent attribute of human existence.

The antonym for the term “digital life” is the expression “real life”.

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