The term “digital opportunities” refers to the opening up of new possibilities associated with the development and dissemination of digital technologies, the use of which can lead to an improvement. The term “digital opportunities” thus emphasizes the expansion of the possibilities for action that goes hand in hand with “digital change”. The reference to the word “opportunities” emphasizes that the changes triggered by “digitization” and “digital transformation” have the potential for positive development. In addition, the possibility of shaping the development is emphasized and thus the responsibility of the individual for active shaping is pointed out.

The characterisation of “digital change” as a development through which new possibilities are opened up corresponds to a positive assessment of that change. The term “digital opportunities” therefore has a normative component. The term “digital opportunities” emphasizes the new possibilities associated with the transition to the digital age. The term “digital progress”, on the other hand, is used to emphasize that this development is seen positive in itself.

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