The term “Digital Transformation Specialist” refers to a natural person who has specific knowledge in the field of “Digital Transformation” and who also possesses the skills and abilities necessary for a competent application of this knowledge.

The term “digital transformation specialist” is defined as a person with thorough knowledge of the fundamental changes in the structures that give shape and the functional logic of a social, economic, political, technical, cultural or logical system through the proliferation of digital information and communication technologies. The knowledge includes both the phenomenon of change itself and its proactive strategic design.

Qualification: In general, the acquisition of the profound knowledge that characterises a specialist usually takes place within the framework of academic studies, scientific research, vocational training or relevant experience. In the case of “digital transformation”, however, the field of specialist knowledge concerns a phenomenon of fundamental change. In such a situation, experience is of limited significance, as by definition it is not directly transferable to the future in the context of change. In such a situations, expertise can be built up particularly by means of conceptual, theoretical and empirical analysis of the phenomenon of change, which is why scientific research in this situation is an important source of profound expertise.

Roles: In times of fundamental change, the primary function of a specialist is to spread his expertise. The required knowledge transfer can take place particularly in the form of publications, speeches or advice. “Digital transformation specialists” are therefore in high demand as authors, journalists, lecturers, keynote speakers and speakers. In addition, they often act in an advisory capacity, for example as strategy consultants, political consultants or management consultants. Usually the specialization is highlighted by designations such as digitization consultant, digital consultant, digitization consultant, digital transformation consultant.

A second focus of “Digital Transformation Specialists” is the practical application of their expertise. In this function, they help shape digital change as company founders, entrepreneurs and managers.

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