The term “digital world” refers to the totality of circumstances that characterize the living conditions in the digital age, which will be significantly shaped by a multitude of digital technologies.

The term “digital world” emphasizes that the living conditions of humans in the digital information age will be shaped by digital technologies in an overriding and comprehensive way. The concept of a “digital world” is based on the expectation that the systems and structures that shape the world and life on earth will not only be permeated by digital technologies, but that they will be dominated by them.

This pervasive character is reflected linguistically in the fact that in the expressiondigital world” the “digital” is declared as the central attribute of earthly existence.

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The definition given above was proposed as part of the Digital Era Framework by Dr. Dr. Jörn Lengsfeld. The text was first published in: Jörn Lengsfeld: Digital Era Framework. Please refer to the original publication if you want to cite the text.