A “digitalization consultant” is a person who offers professional advice in the areas of “digitalization”, “digital change” and “digital transformation”.

A “digitisation consultant” is a natural or legal person who, in the course of his or her professional activity, is engaged in providing consulting with regard to the shaping of the changes triggered by the spread of digital information and communication technologies, whereby consulting is provided in the sense of an explanation of facts based on knowledge and analysis in conjunction with an evaluation of alternative courses of action derived therefrom, which results in a recommendation.

The spectrum of consulting matters to which “digitalization consultants” are dedicated is rather broad. The focus is on consulting on strategic issues of digitalization and digital transformation. Digital change affects all aspects of business, institutions and communities, which is why changes need to be made in all these areas. “Digitalization consultants” are therefore dedicated to all functional areas, industries and management levels. The consulting services offered can be aimed at the level of normative, strategic, tactical and operational management.

The term “digitalization” can have different meanings. This applies analogously to the derived term “digitalization consultant”. Its meanings differ in particular with regard to the demarcation of the subject matter of the consultation.

The consulting service can refer to “digitalization” in terms of its informational aspect, its technological aspect or the entire process of change in all areas of life in its historical dimension.

Building on this broad concept of “digitalization”, a “digitalization consultant” is a person who offers advice in the areas of “digitalization”, “digital change” and “digital transformation”. They deal with the strategic challenges facing communities, institutions, companies and markets in the context of digital change. “Digitalization Consultants” are particularly concerned with the design of strategies for the digital transformation of economic, social, technical and political systems.

Consultants for the technological aspect of digitalization offer consulting services relating to the integration of digital information and communication technology in technical systems of all kinds. They deal with the technical development of individual machines and complete technical systems.

Consultants for the informational aspect of digitalization focus their consulting activities on the transfer of information into the digital infosphere.

The addressees of digitalization consulting are in particular the decision-makers of companies, institutions and communities. It is often provided in the form of management consulting or political consulting. The advice aimed at strategic questions of digitalization is part of strategy consulting and is usually directed at the management bodies, such as the Executive Board, the General Management and the Supervisory Board.

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