A “digitalization expert” is a natural person who has sound knowledge in the field of “digitalization” and the necessary skills and abilities for the competent application of theoretical knowledge.

According to the different meanings of the term “digitalization”, the demarcation of the subject area of “digitalization experts” can be different. The specialist knowledge can refer to the informational aspect, the technological aspect or the historical process of change affecting all areas of life in its entirety.

Following on from the latter comprehensive understanding of the term “digitalization”, a “digitalization expert” is a person who has profound knowledge of the phenomena of digital change and digital transformation. In particular, they address the strategic issues facing companies and markets, communities and institutions in the context of digital change. “Digitalization experts” in this sense deal with the development of strategies and procedures for shaping the digital transformation of economic, social, technical and political systems.

Experts for the technological aspect of digitalization have pronounced expertise in the integration of digital information and communication technology into technical systems of all kinds. The subject of its expertise is the modification of individual machines and technical systems in their entirety. The concept and the technical implementation are the focus of interest.

Experts for the informational aspect of digitalization have in-depth knowledge of the transfer of information into the digital infosphere, especially from the analog infosphere. In addition to classic retro-digitisation, efforts are increasingly being made to digitise information from the entisphere and the cognisphere. The focus is on the development and use of sensors.

The word “digitalization expert” can be used in different contexts: A “digitalization expert” in the disciplinary sense is a person who is academically proven in the thematic complex of the development of digitalization. A “digitalization expert” in the professional sense can be defined as a natural person who is primarily involved in the development and implementation of strategies, tactics and procedures for shaping digitalization in the context of his or her professional activities. A decisive feature of the term is the special degree of expertise with regard to a particular process of digitisation in its entirety.

Action roles: Experts dealing with phenomena of current change are faced with the urgent task of knowledge transfer in order to share their knowledge with as many addressees as possible and thus contribute to a successful management of change. The transfer of knowledge can take the form of publications, speeches and advice. “Digitalization experts” are therefore in demand as authors, publicists, lecturers, keynote speakers and speakers. Furthermore, they often act in an advisory capacity, for example as strategy consultants, management consultants or political consultants. The specialist field of the expert is often evoked in the job title; examples are digitalization consultant, digital consultant, digitalization consultant, digital transformation consultant.

Further action roles of “digitalization experts” are based on their own entrepreneurial application of their expertise, for example as company founders, entrepreneurs and managers.
The term “Digital Transformation Specialist” is used as a synonym.

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