A “digitalization specialist” is a natural person who has specific knowledge in the field of “digitalization” and the skills and abilities required for the competent application of theoretical knowledge.

The term “digitalization” has different meanings. Accordingly, the term “digitalization specialist” can take on several meanings, which essentially differ in the delimitation of the subject area. The focus of knowledge can refer to the informational aspect, the technological aspect or the historical process of change in all areas of life as a whole.

Building on this broad concept of “digitalization”, a “digitalization specialist” is a person who has specific knowledge of the phenomena of digital change and digital transformation. “Digitalization specialists” deal with the strategic questions that arise in the context of digital change for communities and institutions, companies and markets. “Digitalization specialists” are concerned with the design of strategies for the digital transformation of economic, social, technical and political systems.

Specialists for the technological aspect of “digitalization” have specific knowledge regarding the integration of digital information and communication technology into technical systems of all kinds. They are dedicated to the modification of individual machines and complete technical systems.

Specialists for information-related aspects of “digitalization” have special knowledge on the transfer of information into the digital infosphere, especially from the analog infosphere.
The term “digitalization specialists” is used synonymously with the term “digitalization expert”. The knowledge acquired is usually based on academic study, scientific research, vocational training or relevant experience.

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