The word «digitalization» has several different meanings.

In a narrow information-related sense, «digitalization» means the conversion of information into the digital infosphere. In particular, the term refers to the conversion of information from the analogue infosphere into the digital infosphere. The digital representations of the analogue information resulting from «digitalization» are called «digitalisates» or «digital copies». The development of new sensors makes it more and more possible to transfer information directly from the entisphere and even from the cognisphere to the digital infosphere.

In a technological sense, «digitalization» means the integration of digital information and communication technology into technical systems of all kinds.

In a broad historical sense, the word «digitalization» is used synonymously with the term «digital change» and encompasses in particular also the phenomenon of «digital transformation». The term «digitalization» in this broad sense refers to phenomena of change triggered by the spread of digital information and communication technologies and which mark the transition from the industrial age to the digital age. The terms «digital opportunities» and «digital progress» are distinguished from the word «digitalization» by the absence of a normative evaluation.

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