An enthusiast is a natural person who is in a state of positive excitement in which a passionate drive for action is unleashed.

In its general meaning, the term enthusiast refers to individuals in whose personality structure the capacity for such passionate enthusiasm is particularly prominent, which is shown by the fact that they develop considerable enthusiasm for a multitude of thoughts, ideas, intentions, developments, facts, objects or persons.

In its narrower, situational meaning, the term refers to a particular individual context. In this sense, the term enthusiast refers to those individuals who develop considerable enthusiasm for a specific thought, project, fact or object. An enthusiast in this sense is a natural person who takes a particularly intense, pronounced, joyful-anticipatory attitude towards a concrete thought, idea, project, development, fact, object or person, whereby this attitude is inherent in passionate eagerness and thus contains the impulse to his own supportive action.

A person who develops enthusiasm for digitalization, digital change, and digital transformation is referred to as a Digital Enthusiast. The state is described by the term Digital Enthusiasm.

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