A fireside chat is a conversation between a small number of people whose atmosphere is characterised by the specific ambience of a fireplace in a fireplace room which typically radiates discretion, comfort and security. A fireplace conversation offers the setting for a particularly trusting, informal, relaxed and open communication.

The term “fireside chat” also refers to an event format. A fireside chat is an event that focuses on a combination of interview, panel discussion and public discussion, which is presented to a small audience in the specific ambience of a fireplace room.

The fireplace has been a central place for social interaction for thousands of years. For a long time, the fireplace was even the centre of life. It is therefore firmly anchored in the collective consciousness of the people as a special place with which positive associations are connected. With the fireside chat, reference is made to this tradition whereby the specific ambience is used to create a positive atmosphere for communication through the connotations associated with it.

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