The term “inherence of information” or “information inherence” refers to the presence of adhering information that inevitably and neccessarily accompanies the existence of any given entity.

The expression “inherence of information” or “information inherence” describes the axiomatic statement that nothing can assume a (material) existence without information inherent in it. The existence of an entity necessarily goes hand in hand with the presence of information characterizing it. Every entity has information adhering to it.

By referring to the information inherent in an entity, the entity can be regarded as a medium whose purpose is to serve as an information carrier. If such a view is taken as a basis, the entity could be attributed to the info sphere. The inseparability of information and existence therefore leads to the conclusion that all such objects can be part of the infosphere and the entisphere at the same time. This creates a demarcation problem between the entisphere and the infosphere. This is dissolved by the definitional specification that only elements are counted to the infosphere which perform a function as a medium insofar as encoded information is contained in them.

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