Interspheral processes” refer to processes that take place across different spheres.

The term “interspheral process” was coined as part of the terminology of the “Digital Era Framework”, a theoretical frame of reference that was established as a conceptual basis for the description of the changes occurring in the context of digitization and digital transformation.

In the “Digital Era Framework”, “interspheral processes” refer in particular to processes of transmission, storage or processing of information that take place in more than one sphere.

The development of a digital infosphere and its considerable expansion in the course of digital change has led to the fact that many processes, which were previously intraspheral in nature, have been partly relocated to the digital infosphere, which has given them interspheral traits. As digital change progresses, some interspheral processes shift completely into the digital infosphere and thus become intraspheral processes, more precisely: intradigispheral processes. In relation to the other spheres, this is then an “extraspheral process”.

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