Intraspheral processes” are processes with a well-targeted sequence that take place exclusively within a single sphere.

The term “intraspheral process” was coined in the context of the “Digital Era Framework”, a frame of reference that can be used to describe the changes occurring in the context of digital change, digitization and digital transformation.

In the “Digital Era Framework”, “intraspheral processes” refer in particular to processes of transmission, storage or processing of information that take place within a single sphere. The intraspherical processes can be named more precisely according to the sphere within which the process takes place: Intraentispheral processes, intracognispheral processes and intrainfospheral processes, including intraanalogospheral processes and intradigispheral processes.

With the formation of a digital infosphere and its immense expansion in the course of digital change, many processes, which were previously of an intraspheral nature, have shifted in part to the digital infosphere and thus acquired an interspheral character. In the further course of digitization, however, it can also be observed that interspheral processes completely shift into the digital infosphere and thus become intraspheral processes, more precisely: intradigispheral processes. In relation to the other spheres, this is then an “extraspheral process”.

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