A “management expert” is a natural person who possesses sound knowledge in the field of “management” and the necessary skills and abilities for the competent application of the theoretical knowledge.

The word “management” is used in several different meanings.

If a narrow definition of management is being used as a basis, the term “management expert” is to be defined as follows: A “management expert” is a natural person who has sound knowledge of the teaching, practice and institution of the accountable leadership of companies, organisations, institutions and associations as well as important organisational units of these social entities. The “management expert” is familiar with all activities and tasks directly related to corporate management.

If a broad functional management concept is used, the word “management expert” should be defined as follows: A “management expert” is a natural person who has sound knowledge in the teaching and practice of those processes of analysis, objective, planning, decision, organisation, coordination, implementation and control which aim at the responsible leadership of human actions and are based on rationally justifiable, in particular economic, principles and methods.

Qualification: The qualification of “management experts” usually takes place within the framework of academic studies, scientific research, vocational training or relevant experience. Given the breadth of the subject area and the complexity of the subject, academic study and scientific research are of particular importance.

Roles: As with many experts, the main functions of “management experts” are the transfer and application of knowledge. Knowledge transfer is carried out primarily in the form of publications, speeches and advice. Outstanding “management experts” are accordingly in demand as authors, publicists, lecturers, keynote speakers and referents. Many “management experts” are also active in an advisory capacity, taking on the roles of management consultants and policy advisors. The second main function is the application of knowledge. This takes place in various roles, for example as manager, entrepreneur, start-up founder or investor.

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