The term “Protodigital Epoch” is defined as the period within the digital age respectively the digital information age, which is characterized by the early forms of digital technologies.

The “Protodigital Epoch” is thus the period in which digital change brought about by digitalization and digital transformation is so advanced that digital technologies have a formative influence on people’s lives and thus initiated the transition from the industrial age to the digital age, but the available digital technologies are still at an early stage in relation to their further development (protodigital technologies).

The adjective “protodigital” identifies something as belonging to the first, early or original form of the digital.

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The definition given above was proposed as part of the Digital Era Framework by Dr. Dr. Jörn Lengsfeld. The text was first published in: Jörn Lengsfeld: Digital Era Framework. Please refer to the original publication if you want to cite the text.