A “robofacture”, sometimes also called “robofactory”, is a production facility based on the model of “manufacture” in which a plurality of robots with different highly specialized fields of application each perform different operations and thus work together to produce an end product.

Similar to a “manufacture”, a “robofacture” is characterized by a high flexibility, which shows itself in the competence to produce highly individualized single pieces and small series of products of a certain type in an efficient way. The interaction of specialized robots ideally makes it possible to manufacture products that a single robot could not manufacture due to its limited range of functions or could not manufacture it in the same quality or at the same low prices. Compared to industrial robotic production, robofactures can at best offer the advantages of high level individualization and spatial proximity.

Robofacture” is a production type of “Industry 4.0”. The increased emergence of “robofactures” is to be expected in the course of the digital transformation of technical production systems. The degree of automation can vary, although comprehensive digitization also makes “Lights Out Manufacturing” possible for “Robofactures”, as it is already well known from “Dark Factories” or “Dark Factories”.

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