A “system” is a distinct set of elements that are linked together in a way that enables them to interact in order to fulfil a task, a purpose or a purpose, which is why they form a functional unit.

Central characteristics of the term “system” are
– the majority of the elements that make up a whole,
– the connections existing between the elements that define a structure,
– the focus on interaction and
– the purpose in terms of orientation towards the fulfilment of a task, a meaning or a purpose.

Constitutive for the term is the emphasis on the fulfilment of certain functions; it is about the suitability of the proposed structure of the connections between the elements to fulfil a well-defined function in the course of a collaborative interaction. It is not required that this interaction is achieved; a system that does not fulfil its consitutive function due to any kind of disturbance does not lose its quality as a system.

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